“If you don't like bacteria, you're on the wrong planet.” - Stewart Brand


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As Semedi, we are an independent provider of advanced training in the medical field and and are offering seminars and chamber of commerce and industry certificate courses for  pharmacy staff and specialists.  With Prof. Dr. Andreas Schwiertz, we were able to win a microbiologist for our team of speakers, who can convey his knowledge to our seminar participants in an incredibly refreshing and at the same time very understandable way. We are happy to have him on our team!

C. Semsch

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Consultant for intestinal health (CCI) 


Fortunately, the subject of the microbiome has received increasing attention in recent years. A wide range of research has been initiated, studies have been published, new products and manufacturers are conquering the market and various advanced training offers are in the inboxes of pharmacies. But these are seldom manufacturer-independent, or the knowledge imparted is difficult to translate into competent intestinal advice at a pharmacy. SEMEDI has now developed a tailor-made training format especially for pharmacies.

SymbioPharm - a pioneer in medical probiotics.


 Small beginnings and an unusual approach have grown into a modern pharmaceutical company that has retained its original way of thinking and roots. Even today, the focus of the product portfolio is in the area of probiotic drugs and dietary supplements. Today SymbioPharm GmbH is one of the leading companies in the microbiological-pharmaceutical industry. The company is engaged in manufacturing and scientific research.

Since 1981, the Association for Independent Health Counseling e. V. (UGB) is active in the field of healthy, sustainable diets. Its consistent independence and product-neutral information distinguish the UGB from other nutrition associations. The non-profit educational institution organizes seminars and professional training on current nutrition and health issues.

With more than 500,000 customers and 5,500 employees, QIAGEN is one of the leading manufacturer in the life science and diagnostics sector.


Our mission is to bring novel treatment options to rare kidney diseases and to partner closely with the medical and patient communities we serve.